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Lightbulb Interview With Laura Bailey - The Voice Of BloodRayne

      Every once in a while we get in touch with our favourite famous people. We were very lucky this time to find Laura Bailey and ask her some interesting questions. She is well known for her voice acting talent from the videogames, like Rayne in Bloodrayne and Bloodrayne 2, Kid Trunks -Dragonball Z Budokai 2 and 3, Tenkaichi 1, 2 and 3, Alex D (female) - Deus Ex: Invisible War, Una - Aeon Flux, Kimberly (DJ on Love Talk) - RoadKill. Laura is also well known for her voice roles in animations like Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist, Alv in Kiddy Grade, Sana Kurata in Kodocha (2005), Sylvia Ban in SoltyRei (2005), Xing Huo in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (2007) and many others.

Allan Gabriel: Does it matter to know where you started your career from and where you are now?

Laura Bailey: I started working while I was still in college in Plano, Texas. I was going to a community college there and doing theatre in Dallas. I broke into voice acting from the connections I made through theatre. It's kind of a small community of people, and hard to break into if you don't know somebody already involved. And now I'm still voice acting, I've just relocated to Hollywood. Bigger pond, smaller/harder community to crack.

A.G.: What does being a lady mean to you? We noticed that noble look in your eyes, so we had to ask.

L.B.: Why thank you for noticing, darling. Being a lady means never picking your nose in public.

A.G.: Does it matter what the tabloids say, what the people say about you?

L.B.: They say what they want, ya'know? Most of the rumors aren't true. Except for that one about me and Usher last month. That one is WAY true.

A.G.: As a celebrity, do you often get the chance to meet other famous people? Whom did you enjoy talking to the most?

L.B.: I've done some film and TV work with people like Demi Moore and Kevin Pollack... he's probably the funniest. He does killer impressions.


A.G:. We know you did the voice acting for the character BloodRayne in the video game with the same name - tell us more about your experiences in the studio. Did you enjoy giving your voice to Rayne, one of the most attractive female video-game characters? Do you identify yourself with her sometimes?

L.B.: Are you kidding, playing Rayne was a blast. I got to say a bunch of dirty ass things a true "lady" like myself never gets to. Every once in a while, my director on the game would start telling me to say random things he came up with, if the script wasn't what he wanted. He came up with some NASTY things. He'd know he had a good line if I blushed when I said it. And I can't say I really identified with her... I don't do much nazi hunting...

outside and in studio

A.G.: Well, I can't imagine anyone else to fit so good for Rayne's voice. What are your current projects, and what do you enjoy most in your professional activity?

L.B.: Right now, I'm voicing the lead on the adult swim show, Shin Chan. I play a gross little boy named Shin. He, uh, talks about poo a lot. I pretty much love it.

A.G.: What's your opinion on what your fans say about you on various websites?

L.B.: Honestly, I don't really know what the fans say about me. The only time I really hear anything is though emails or in person at conventions. And usually, it's only the fans that really dig you that'd go to that much trouble to see you. Why, what do they say on websites??

A.G.: They love your voice and respect your professional activity. Your voice is truly impressive, especially in the case of BloodRayne - did you get similar offers since you finished that project?

L.B.: I went on to play Lust in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Her voice is very similar. I'm pretty sure I got the role because of BloodRayne.

A.G: What interesting hobbies do you have? We know you like reading - what's your favourite type of book? What about music and films?

LB: I've made jewelry. That's my most girly hobby. You can check out my stuff at lizbee.etsy.com. I love playing video games. RPGs mostly. My favorite kind of books are Sci-Fi and Fantasy. My ALL TIME favorite series is "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin. You have to check it out. It's awesome.... I'm kind of a nerd....

A.G: What is a perfect day to you - what would you do, shopping all day or just relaxing at home?

L.B.: That depends on my mood. I do love me some shopping. But just recently, I spent the whole day chillin' with my man, playing Halo and eating Sushi. And damn, that was a good day.

A.G: Do you practice extreme sports to keep fit?

L.B.: I do. But not the kind I can talk about...

A.G: What's the craziest thing you've done lately?

L.B.: One time, I stayed up way past ten o'clock...

Laura Bailey with Tamara Podemski
at Sundance Film Fest (2007)

We would like to thank Laura Bailey for taking the time to answer our questions and for being a really nice Lady!

Laura, we wish you all the best for 2008 and hope to hear many good things about you in the future as well.

All images with Laura in the article are copyrighted to Laura Bailey.


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Default Re: Interview With Laura Bailey - The Voice Of BloodRayne

I loved this interview.

I would like to send my best regards to Laura for bringing Rayne to life.

She's lovely, I wish her the best for the future.
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Arrow Re: Interview With Laura Bailey - The Voice Of BloodRayne

Thank you, we do our best to entertain our readers.
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