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Lightbulb Exclusive Interview with Vera Vanguard, Producer of "BloodRayne - A Fan Film"

      Dear readers, it is with great pleasure that we present you today a new rising star: Vera Vanguard, the producer and star of "BloodRayne - A Fan Film", a movie which is very much awaited by all the fans of the redhead vixen named Rayne. For those of you who dare not to know who BloodRayne is, here's a little background information: BloodRayne, the videogame, was released in 2002 on multiple platforms, including the PS2 and Xbox; its sequel, BloodRayne 2, was released in 2004. Two movies, both directed by Uwe Boll, were released in 2006 and 2007, respectively. The first game of the series raised an army of fans and the second even more - the problem was that only the first movie based on the game was "somehow" related to the game and the fans disliked it very much. The second one was described as being "a horrible representation of the character of Rayne".

      Recently, we found out about a new project meant to bring to the public the closest thing to reality of the character of Rayne. In charge of the project is Vera Vanguard and we decided to have a detailed interview about this new movie. So here's what Vera had to say:

      What can you tell us about the "BloodRayne - A Fan Film" project? How long have you been working on it and what does the character Rayne mean to you? Give us as many details as you can.

Vera Vanguard:
      My girlfriends and I are known around the world as the best Tomb Raider look-alikes. I myself am a multi award winner as a Lara Croft (if you are truly a total geek, I do the Tomb Raider 3 London Level costume). We all dress up at comic book conventions mostly and for photo shoots. Next thing I know, they both completed their own fan films both as Tomb Raider. At the time I also decided to cosplay BloodRayne because I only do red haired non-mask wearing characters so, not wanting to be left behind, I decided to do a BloodRayne fan film. I played both games and loved the costume.

      It took me a while to figure out just how to make it a reality because when I do a costume, I do it full out (I even cut my own hair into a short bob. The blades were probably the hardest part to realize because I wanted them to be costume pieces but I also wanted them to be made of a light alloy and I wanted them to be able to flip front and back. When I found the right man for the job, Dave Baker at the Hollywood Combat Center, I was stoked! I debuted the new costume at San Diego Comicon. Little did I know that Majesco was there and all these fanboys kept telling them at their booth that there was the "greatest BloodRayne EVER" walking around. Majesco started to tell people they'd give them stuff if someone could bring me over to their table. Somebody finally did and they went apeshit. They loved it. After that I forgot about it for awhile and wore the costume again at Dragon Con in Atlanta and won a "Best Horror" award for it in the big masquerade and gave convention security a run for their money.

      A year later, one of the Tomb Raider girlfriends told me she wanted me to help her out for her Wonderwoman fan film and I was like, "should I do my own fan film?". Thats when I decided I was going to make it real. I wrote a script based on what I knew I could do and who I could cast and who owed me what favor. I knew expectations are pretty low after the BloodRayne movies so I wasn't worried too much. I did however want to stick to the games as much as possible and I really didn't want the film to be just a series of fight scenes. I wanted to pull footage from the game, use the actual game sounds and music, I fight Nazis, my friend in Atlanta did CG Daemites for me, and the rest of my crew came from other film projects that I've worked on as an actress, stunt woman or makeup artist. I wanted this to be a show piece for all my cast and crew and of course for me as an actress.

      It's a pretty good demo for our reels. We started shooting last May and we are putting the last details on now so you can say it took us a year (but we were goofing off for the better part of it. I did my best to play Rayne the way she is supposed to be. I hate it when actresses try to be tough and overemphasize the sexy. Rayne is tough and sexy - it's a given, I don't have to act it. If you are familiar with the game, she actually has a tremendous amount of humor when she's hacking away at enemies and I wanted to emphasize that trait. I also wanted to keep the story going with her motivation for everything she does - which is find and kill her father. He collaborates with Nazis - KILL NAZIS. He's making ghouls - KILL GHOULS. Ultimate objective - KILL FATHER, AVENGE MOTHER. Simple. Hopefully we accomplish conveying that storyline. After the credits roll, we decided to have some goofy fun but you'll have to see it to find out.

      What do you think of Uwe Boll's BloodRayne 2?

      Never seen it. I don't want to kill 2 hours of my life.

      You probably know who Kristanna Loken is and that she played in BloodRayne (the first movie based on the well-known game), what do you think of her?

      She was a good actress cought in a bad project. I know a lot of stunt people that worked on that project as well.

      You played both games from the BloodRayne series - which one do you like the most and why?

      I love the second one. Better moves. Better graphics. Better alternate costumes. I especially like GothicRayne. Sexy.

      Which vampire film is your favourite?

      Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers.... nope wait.... Strange Things Happen At Sundown.... nope... that's not it.... should I list the rest of the super horrible vampire movies I've been in?

      Can you tell us about the darkest story you ever experienced yourself?

      I went on a movie set and the director didn't know what he was doing.

      Are the blades you are using the real thing? Are they dangerous?

      They are real metal blades. They are not sharp but it SUCKS ASS wearing them. They hurt really bad and after about 10 minutes my wrists start to bruise so you can imagine my level of commitment (to a mental institution) to this costume. They are only dangerous if I smack you on the head with them. Groin would probably hurt too.

      What other roles would you like to play in movies and why?

      I want to do comedy. I think of myself as a comedic actress. Since I come from a stunt background, physical comedy would be my favorite. I don't mind keeping up with being a femme fatale either. Maybe a sitcom perhaps?

      Do you have a favourite special drink, with a red color, perhaps?


      Since we are talking about BloodRayne, what do you know about Dracula? What do you know about Romania (the Transilvanian region, to be more specific)?

      I watched a History channel documentary recently on that matter. Does that mean I know everything? TV tells me that I do.

      We would like to thank you Vera for sharing the details with us and as we promised in the email - we will see if we can publish the movie here on our magazine exclusively in DivX HD format as our readers like to see quality. From the press release on the official site of the movie and the background info - we figured that the movie will be released very soon (probably next week) - so we ask our readers to stay tuned because, if all goes well, we will publish the movie here in HD Format exclusively. Update: you can watch the movie here - https://www.xenonmagazine.com/showthread.php?t=3333

Images of Vera belong to Vera Vanguard
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